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Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Reason to Watch

“Coffy” is one of many blaxploitation movies that Pam Grier starred in during the 1970s. She’s beautiful and occasionally believable, but most people just want to see her do her thing. Her thing is generally killing bad guys while looking good in a jumpsuit.

In “Coffy”, Pam plays an upstanding but no-nonsense nurse (named Coffy) who works hard and loves her little sister. The sister gets involved in drugs and gets hold of some bad heroin. This gets Coffy seriously pissed and she puts on her Killin’ People  jumpsuit, hides various and sundry weapons in her afro and hits the streets.  The rest of the movie consists of her running around the city shooting people with her shotgun. It’s fun.


This is the era that brought us “Shaft” and Pam Grier was often called “The Female Shaft.”

Most Memorable Quote(s)
  • Coffy: (rubbing a bad guy’s crotch) Are you sure you’re not just a little black?
  • Coffy:  It was easy for him because he really didn’t believe it was comin’, but it ain’t gonna be easy for you, because you better believe it’s comin’!
What You Need to Get Through This Movie

A love of the 1970s will do you great service. The clothes, the music and the slang are a ton of fun.


It was Pam’s idea to hide weapons in her rather impressive afro.

The head bad guy’s house actually belonged to Roy Rogers, who would probably put his own jumpsuit on if he knew.

Educational Content
  • If you’re a bad guy about to kill an avenging woman, don’t believe her when she says she’d like to hook up before you do her in.
  • Bad guys always believe avenging women when they say they want to hook up before being done in.
Justification for Rating

It’s funny (mostly unintentionally but sometimes not) and it’s retro.




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