Review of Zontar the Thing From Venus

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Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆


This is not your typical B flick. Written by the great Larry Buchanan, it was cornier the most yet I have to admit I loved it. This was totally worth my time. We start with a rocket scientist, who makes a home made “high power” radio set. With this radio he starts to get messages from Zontar. Zontar is from Venus and thinks Earth people need to see/learn what it’s like to be without “modern” forms of communication. He wants to “be in command of everyone”. People can’t even take a bath without the okay from this Venus weirdo! The rest of the movie I was a little lost. It was hard to follow as nothing really made any sense, however that did not detract from the entertainment factor. I mean the film had these bat looking animals biting people and putting a micro chip in them that made them virtual slaves to Zontar. I guess it could have been worse (you should see Terminal USA) 🙂 True dramatic genus.

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