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Horror Express, is the story of a scientist who has discoverd an acient fossil and his desire to transport it back home aboard a train. The scientist traveling with his assitant put the fossil in a crate to keep prying eyes away. However, trouble starts right away on this tran-siberian train as a thief attempts to take look inside the crate. Needless to say the thief is instanly struck with death after viewing the fossil. No one knows what kill the man but they all notice that his eyes are bleeding and white. Our dear scientist has an aide, a fellow scientist, who is also eager to find out whats in the crate. This aide pays a baggage handler to take a look and of course he’s killed. Soon everyone is in uproar over these murders. The storyline brings in a monk traveling with a count and his wife and a inspector. The monk declares the crate evil and the inspectors searches for a murderer. Before the movie ends more characters and zombie enters and the mystery of the fossil is uncovered.

Reason to Watch

Horror Express, is an excellent movie to view. It’s gives us a story of the scientist who as unearth the ultimate evil along with premise of outer space travelers. Add on zombies and I ask you what more could you want? Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are always giving there best and we get to see Cushing cut someones head off.


The film was made in Madrid in the early seventies and Cushing and Lee during this period were still considered the best actors of the B-movie genre. Securing the two men for the movie was a coup for both the director and the producer.

Most Memorable Quote(s)

1. “Smooth as a baby’s bottom!” One of the characters commenting on the condition of a dead man’s brain.
2. ” You think evil can be killed with bullets? Satan lives. The Unholy One is among us.” The monk like priest making a profound statement regarding evil.

What You Need to Get Through This Movie

I recommend you get out the beer and chips for this one. Horror Express, is a movie that tries to take itself serious by giving us the premise of a train ride that ones can’t get off of.Well as a viewer am telling you your the only one trapped aboard for the ride.


1.The movie was filmed without sound with all the voices and other sounds being added later.
2. The trains interior scenes and the exterior scenes were filmed using sets from the movie Poncho Villa.

Educational Content

1. Never knew it took so little equipment to do an autopsy.
2. Never knew that trains continue to run even when dead people are being found. Thats dedication to arriving on time.
3. Can an autopsy really reveal that your memory and knowledge are gone?

Justification for Rating

This movie gets a seven for it’s originality. The Horror Express, starts off with a good premise and introduces different plots that are blended into the story very well. A ghoul movie that will keep you interested.

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