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Reservoir DogsRating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆


Groundbreaking and mind-bending, Reservoir Dogs historically introduces us to the dynamic and twisted mind of famed American director Quentin Tarantino. Though his career can almost entirely be dubbed “cult,” his mainstream appeal is still very much apparent. Though there is little doubt that this low-budget early 90’s gem brought the life of Tarantino’s aesthetic to the masses. Reservoir Dogs takes a group of psychotic men to the brink when a botched robbery brings them circling around who to trust and who is out to out the entire group. there are plenty of homages to crime films of many eras, and the film is almost seen as a homage to crime film making as a whole. The film is violent, twisted, and accounts for some of the most iconic scenarios in modern crime films. It can be said that Tarantino began a new trend of homaging old school films and bleeding turmoil for all with 1992’s Reservoir Dogs.

Reason to Watch

The film acts as an early introduction to some fantastic actors with a great cast. One scene in particular is simply astonishing effective at being both emotional and merciless. Yet it is the introduction to Tarantino’s style and the films overt influences that makes it a worthy watch.


The film is undoubtedly violent, but the plot structure and characterization creates some crime staples seen throughout many films following it. The film is intense and merciless in its construct, and is a stand towards what a directorial debut can accomplish with a fantastic cast and a blender of influence and creativity.

Most Memorable Quote(s)
  • Joe: He was the only one I wasn’t 100% on. I should have my fuckin’ head examined, going on a plan like this when I wasn’t 100%. 
    Mr. White: [shouting] That’s your proof? 
    Joe: You don’t need proof when you have instinct. 
  • Mr. Blonde: Listen kid, I’m not gonna bullshit you, all right? I don’t give a good fuck what you know, or don’t know, but I’m gonna torture you anyway, regardless. Not to get information. It’s amusing, to me, to torture a cop. You can say anything you want cause I’ve heard it all before. All you can do is pray for a quick death, which you ain’t gonna get.  You ever listen to K-Billy’s “Super Sounds of the Seventies” weekend? It’s my personal favorite. 
  • Mr. Blonde: Eddie, you keep talking like a bitch, I’m gonna slap you like a bitch. 
What You Need to Get Through This Movie

A lack of knowledge of Pulp Fiction would be a great addition to your viewing experience. The film spoils the Tarantino style and arguably executes it better. Also, a color chart is a necessity, as every core character is based on a color. If you skipped grade school or never seen a rainbow, you may be confused.


The film uses the word “fuck” 272 times.

The film completed final editing and pressing just 3 days before its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival

The film budget was so low, many actors wore their own clothes

Reservoir Dogs is consistenly ranked as one of the best heist films- a heist that happens entirely off screen

The film was filmed in just over a month

Director Quentin Tarantino plays Mr. Brown. he is also quoted as probably being the most inexperienced person on set

Mr. Blonde is considered the most ruthless, yet he is one of the only characters to never kill in the film

Educational Content
  • Pink is a good luck color
  • robberies are probably a bad idea
Justification for Rating

There are 8 key characters in the film, 1 star for every character that is a total Rambo badass


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