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Tokyo FistRating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆


With a title such as Tokyo Fist you may expect something akin to Kung Pow:Enter the Fist or a Bruce Lee cross-over flick, adorning more to comedy trite than ruthless violence. Tokyo Fist is unrelenting, gruesome, and merciless in its presentation. Sort of like The Passion of the Christ, except with less Jesus and more twenty-something Asian amateur boxers. Despite its violence, the film is drowning in melodramatic bullshit that would make a sixty-something American Lifetime move fan  roll her eyes. Yet if you can manage pass the drama, and there is a lot of it, you find some unrelenting sequences of pure pain and horror, where the two lead characters bash each other’s faces in, echoing the sentiments of the late 90’s flick, Fight Club. tokyo Fist is angry at something, maybe the actors, because the director truly run these kids through the ringer of what a face can handle.

Reason to Watch

For the girls, lots of shirtless ripped men. For the guys, these men beat the living fuck out of eachother. Win win.


Tokyo Fist is the antithesis of visually charged spectacles of Japanese fighting culture. It’s like they took Rambo and Rocky, added a sprinkle of love quadrangle romance, added two Asian leads, and threw blood over everyone and everything.  Though Tokyo Fist seems to be trying to tell us something about violence and human nature, and I can’t quite pinpoint it. oh well, time to watch Rambo: First Blood Part 2 in 3-D for the umpteenth time.

Most Memorable Quote(s)
  • Tsuda: At least I don’t have problems with staying awake anymore.
What You Need to Get Through This Movie

An empty stomach

  • This is director Shinya Tsukamoto’s second film, one that is just as unapologetic as his debut, Tetsuo.
Educational Content

If you punch someone’s face hard enough, their face will explode

Even people in Tokyo are lonely

Justification for Rating

The movie has a message, but it doesn’t drown out the simple fact that people beat the hell out of each other, and it looks painful and it’s simply brutal and there are consequences when it occurs in real life. But since this is Tokyo and that place is real far away, we can just pretend this is a crazy Japanese game show, so we fill no emotional or moral obligation to address anything the film has to say.



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