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Baby snakes dvd coverRating: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆


Before 2003, baby Snakes was not an easy film to get a hold of. Frank Zappa had over 3 hours of film, some from backstage concerts, others short animation scenes, some interview segments, and some just pure absurd mayhem. The film Baby Snakes was long, meandering, and lacked a definitive plot. These all are typical attributes of a great cult film, which Baby Snakes has remained since its inception in 1979. Though Frank Zappa is dead, this wild film is a testament to his legacy as one of the wildest weirdest icons in music history. Part documentary, part concert film, part cartoon, Baby Snakes is a spectacle of film-making that is polarizing and odd beyond comprehension.

Reason to Watch

If you want to know anything about Frank Zappa, or are already a fan of Frank Zappa, that is enough of a reason to watch. To a greater extent, if you are in need of a film that you don’t have to get up and replay manually ever hour during extended hallucinogenic mushroom sessions, this one will do just fine.


Baby Snakes is a film capstone to Frank Zappa’s prime. If that does not intrigue you, move along please, nothing to see here.

Most Memorable Quote(s)
  • Frank Zappa: Hey, this is Halloween, we don’t fuck around!
  • Frank Zappa: God make three mistakes. First was the man, second was the wo-man. third was the poodle. He meant to make a German Shepard but he fucked up.
What You Need to Get Through This Movie

Hallucinogens. otherwise, this film is total dreck.


The film took years to find any sort of dsitribution, constantly being rejected. Zappa thought he would cut the film from 3 1/2 hours to 90 minutes, but still no distribution. he eventually distributed the film himself and screened it in New York, where it earned a modest profit and went on to obtain a cult status.

The film founds its first release 25 years after its debut in 2003.

Educational Content

With Frank Zappa, anything is possible. Literally. No, literally, anything- the guy’s a God

Go figure- over 3 hours of Frank Zappa content and you get high just by watching

John Spartan, the name, induces immediate fear

Justification for Rating

It’s not a good film for anyone who isn’t a diehard Frank Zappa fan, and for that, it will always remain a cult film. The rating is a reflection of its length, proving that anything, yes, even dancing monkeys, can be boring after 3 hours


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