Top 5 Best and Worst Kevin Smith Moments

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With the latest movie from Kevin Smith, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” coming out soon, I thought this would be a good time to take a look at some of the moments from the career of everybody’s favorite pot-smoking, comic book-reading, Star Wars-obsessing director, Kevin Smith.



when Dante and Randal debate whether “Storm Troopers” are innocent bystanders when the Death Star blows up in “Return of the Jedi”.

Reason: This scene puts a hilarious twist on one of the many plot holes that plagued the Star Wars trilogy.



Reason: While he did not write or direct it, Vulgar did have clown rape. Lots and lots of clown rape.



Reason: A preachy and trite movie about religion. While not really that funny or insightful, it had George Carlin – so that has to be worth something, right?


Joey Lauren Adams

Reason: Gave hope to overweight Star Wars geeks that they, too, could sleep with girls way out of their league. Only catch is you still have to be famous. Sorry.


Worst Moments:

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back:

Reason: A garbage movie made more for them than their audience. Yes, we get that you like Star Wars and Pot.



Reason: A movie about a sad attempt at post-teenage, angst. If not for Jason Lee, this movie would have been forgettable, at best.


Chasing Amy:

Reason: Guy meets dyke, dyke and guy fall in love, guy loses dyke. Their I just saved you two hours. You’re welcome.


Catch and Release:

Reason: Are you freaking kidding me? Has pot become so expensive that you have to make a movie where you try to sleep with perennial white trash prom queen Juliette Lewis? On its own this movie is even bad for a chick flick


Jersey Girl

Reason: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. ‘Nuff said…


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14 Responses to “Top 5 Best and Worst Kevin Smith Moments”

  1. Steve Says:

    Joey Lauren Adams voice is awful

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  2. Casey Says:

    There are no plot holes in the Star Wars trilogy.

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  3. Margapantalones Says:

    I’m going to have to completely disagree with you about Chasing Amy. That was one of my favorite movies for a loooooooong time. And come on–where would we all be in life without that famous fisting gesture?

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  4. Steve Says:

    Don’t get me wrong the movie had some classic scenes in it, my personal favorite is The Black Rage one, freaking hysterical but it gets a little melodramatic at times. “Oh my girl friend was a whore so I will bang her and my best friend and everything will be cool!” Bah!

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  5. Greg Says:

    Ok, first, clearly you have not seen Clerks II, that should defiantly be the worst. Second Mallrats was a right of passage for anyone born in the 80’s, and finally: What the hell is a list of Kevin Smith movies doing on this site anyway? Is there a Kevin Smith cult? God, if there is, please let them be into Kool-aid.

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  6. nightin_gayle Says:

    Dogma was were I fell in love with Selma Hayek.

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  7. Steve Says:

    Always nice to have a Jim Jones reference

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  8. Greg Says:

    I believe in Jim Jones. Do you?

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  9. mortimer nova Says:

    i actually suffered through catch and release the other day… it was entirely too painful for words… but i’m sure some of the words i would have used would be goat, mechanical, lemonade, honda and accent…

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  10. Casey Says:

    What kind of people prefer Kevin Smith?

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  11. Phil Says:

    It’s a stupid line, but how many millions of morons, including myself, have quoted the following line, upon having to report to work unexpectedly… “I’m not even supposed to be here today!!!”

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  12. Steve Says:

    I think we all have said that too much, but I personally feel that the line “This job would be great if it wasn’t for all the fucking customers!” That truly described my time in retail.

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  13. Casey Says:

    Um… I can think of another bad Kevin Smith moment. Southwest Airlines! D’oh!

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  14. Josh Darling Says:

    You know the thing that got me about “Jay and silent Bob Strike Back” is this: you make a string of films for Disney (ops I mean a Disney subsidiary Lions Gate)after pretty much pretend you’re some huge ass champion for indie film, when in reality you’re kind of a pawn of one of the companies Corporate America has to offer. All I could think when I heard the title of that films after seeing it was “Jay and Silent Bob Strike back against independent film”

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