5 Movies Better Left as Video Games

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final fantasy the spirits within

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, while maybe not so awful it would make you want rip out your eyes with wasabi-tipped chopsticks, it is most certainly way overhyped. Even A-list celebrities (Alec Baldwin, Ving Rhames, and Steve Buscemi) and state of the art CGI aren’t enough to make this movie watchable more than once. A bland story line that’s not up to par with any of the games makes me wish that I hadn’t doled out my eight bucks to see this in the theater.


Street Fighter: The Movie

This movie is so bad that I truly believe that it killed my beloved Raul Julia. If you have ever played the Street Fighter series, you already know the plot. A couple of gay guys in their blue and red karate outfits “hadouken” their way in and out of trouble with one-eyed warlords and eccentric generals obsessed with the love of world damnation (domination?) and super-science.  Somehow a star at the time, the very Belgian and also probably very gay Jean-Claude Van Damme plays the Super American “Colonel Guile”. Much like the game, when this is on I have to watch but then soon realize why I hate it – it just goes on and on with no point, fighting the same fight, and doing the same damn cheat moves. DAMN YOU RYU!!!!!!


double dragon movie

Double Dragon

Ah, 1994. A great time! Clinton was in the White House, Phil Hartman was still alive, and Kurt Cobain’s head was splattered all over his garage. What wasn’t great was the live-action movie of one of the greatest NES games of all time. The Double Dragon movie is so bad that anytime I even hear about it, I force carnal thoughts of Cloris Leachman upon myself just to get the thought of it out of my mind. The only thing that saves this from being the worst video game movie ever is Alyssa Milano and the creepy burn victim Bo Abobo saying, “Wut Up Chikin Butt?”.


Super Mario Brothers

Here’s an idea: take the most iconic video game franchise ever and see what happens if we let the guys who brought us Max Headroom make a movie out of it and see what happens. I’ll tell you what will happen: it will suck, and not just in that “Hey, did you just see that Adam Sandler movie?” way. I mean really suck, like you’re stuck in line for the bathroom at an all-you-can-eat taco bar and the guy in front of you is Louie Anderson. Nothing in this movie made any sense. Dennis Hopper was freaking King Koopa. The studio would have done better if they went to a costume store, bought a Godzilla outfit, and paid a bum with Olde English 800 and McRib sandwiches to run around saying “Rawww”. I would rather go to an autoerotic asphyxiation party with Patty Hurst and the guys from INXS than have to watch this again.


Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation

This is it! Not only the worst video game movie I have ever seen, it’s in the running for worst movie ever made. Mortal Kombat 2 is so bad that it is said it was used as a torture device at Guantanamo Bay until it was deemed too cruel for human viewing. While I have no proof of this, I think the director stole 80% of the budget and ran to Mexico for a huge Coke party and left his duties to a 9-year-old Filipino Down’s syndrome kid on twenty hits of acid. While in theory this may sound like a way to get a box office smash, in practice, it’s not so good. May death come swiftly to those who watch this.


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10 Responses to “5 Movies Better Left as Video Games”

  1. Steve Says:

    Does any one know why Van Damme was Guile?

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  2. Recipher Says:

    Look at you all, trying to play like Mortal Kombat 2 wasn’t the best movie of the nineties. Pffft.

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  3. margapantalones Says:

    I was like… 7 or 8 when Super Mario Brothers came out. It might be because I was a retarded child, but I remember having fun seeing that movie in the theater. I had to wake up my parents when it was time to go though.

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  4. Casey Says:

    Surprisingly, I have never seen any of these!

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  5. Greg Says:

    I still dream about Alyssa Milano, short blonde hair and bobby socks in Double Dragon.

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  6. mortimer nova Says:

    somehow i knew that street fighter would be at the top of this list but i’m really surprised that tomb raider wasn’t on here… at least the mario movie knew it was ridiculous… tomb raider treats itself like a legitimate film…

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  7. Casey Says:

    I remember the ads for Tomb Raider 2. “People actually fly!”

    I shut down right then.

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  8. Phil Says:

    I’ve always been of the opinion that NO video game should EVER be made into a full-length motion picture. Of course, with that being said, some of them aren’t too horrible…

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  9. Eli Says:

    Postal makes up for every bad video game movie ever made.

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  10. Greg Says:

    Postal? Are you serious? Uwe Boll is the Ed Woods of our generation. If he found out that anyone actually thought his movies were GOOD he would have you in a boxing ring in a second. Or he might make you the president of the fan club… of one.

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