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Year: 1976 - Runtime: 98 - Director: Rino Di Silvestro - Writer(s): Rino Di Silvestro
Country: Italy - Language: Italian - Parental Guide: R - Color: Color

Werewolf Woman Rating: ★★★★½☆☆☆☆☆


Believe it or not kids, there was once a day when porn was not a mouse click away. Back in those days we had find other ways to see boobs and horror films provided that opportunity — I remember the joys seeing The Hunger for the first time, that section of video took some ware and tear I can tell you. So why this relevant? Well “Werewolf Woman” is basically a softcore porn film mascarading as a horror. So the film starts of with naked woman dancing around surrounded by fire before she turns into a werewolf and kills some people. Flash forward to the modern day where distant relative Daniella Neseri (Annik Borel) having been raped now makes an emotional connection to her families past and goes and kills some men by biting out their throats. Now she does not turn into a were-wolf she just acts like one. She is however cured when she falls in love with a stuntman, they run a long by sea and she laughs as he jumps through windows, but she is later raped by 3 men and her boyfriend is killed, this sets her off again and she ends up in an asylum. This is campy 70s horror, red red blood and loads of pointless nudity, best of all it is based on a true story, but any similarities between anyone real purely coincidental.

Reason to Watch

Well porn is pretty easy to get hold of these days, so the number one reason to see this film is out. So my vote goes for the story that sees woman running around naked biting out people’s throats. Just super.


This is a typical exploitation horror film of 70s and staple for Director Rino Di Silvestro whose other films included “The Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra”, “Sex Slayer” and “Love and Death in a Women’s Prison”. The nudity goes beyond what would be seen in English language horror films and was even dubbed a video nastie and banned in the UK.

Most Memorable Quote(s)

“I saw you making love with Fabin, it was obscene, disgusting, but you liked it.” “Daniella, did you see that fall, wasn’t it gay!”

What You Need to Get Through This Movie

I suggest watching this movie like a teenager from the 80s. That means a box of tissues and the video remote control so you can fast forward the boring medical shit and get straight to the porn.


Annik Borel (also seen in “Blood Orgy of the She Devils”) made 2 more movies before she quit acting never to be seen again. The film was marketed under several titles including “Daughter of a Werewolf”, “Naked Werewolf Woman”, “Terror of the She Wolf” and bizzarly in America “The Wolf Man”. Selected by Quentin Tarantino for the First Quentin Tarantino Film Fest in Austin, Texas, 1996. Tarantino had actually never seen the picture before he screened it. He loved it so much that all subsequent Film Fests had a surprise movie added to the end of each all-nighter known as the “Wolf Woman” selection; defined as an outrageous exploitation film sure to wake the audience up. “Wolf Women” selections over the years have included The Blood Spattered Bride and Mighty Peking Man.

Educational Content

1. Trained stuntmen can fall off buildings, fly through windows, but can’t take a chair to the back.
2. You are going to be at least as crazy your ancestors.
3. Avoid nude women in the woods.
4. Don’t make a She-wolf give you a blow job.
5. She-wolfs have really hairy boobs.
6. Stunt men can’t resist jumping through windows to impress the ladies.

Justification for Rating

Well this film was a lot of fun, although I could have done with less nudity and more wolf, but I guess the costume and make-up department blew their load on the opening sequence. It is great tale of revenge, the wicked are punished and the only victim is everyone else.


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