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Year: 1947 - Runtime: 65 - Director: Christy Cabanne - Writer(s): William Abbott
Country: USA - Language: English/ Hungarian - Parental Guide: NR - Color: Color

Scared to DeathRating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆


This film starts out in a morgue with two doctors feeling bad because of the task assign to them . The two doctors must find out what happened to the young wopman on the table who as died. Soon the scene is one where the young woman Laura is telling the story of her life and death. We soon find out that Laura was married to the son of a doctor and this is no happy marriage. Ward her husband wants out and his father is willing to help. Laura tells us that she was held against her will while the doctor and his son attempted to drive her mad or scared her to death. Entered into the story is an ex detective whose awaiting a murder to redeem himself, a noisy housemaid , a reporter with his brainless girlfriend and the creepy hyptonist with his dwarf friend who know a secret. As the movie moves along we learn that Laura may have been married before and betrayed her first husband to the Nazi’s. Is it her new husband and his father trying to scare her to death or the spirit of her first husband come back from the dead?

Reason to Watch

Even though the script is horrific. One shouldn’t miss Scared to Death for the movie is fun. I mean where else can you find so many sany characters under one roof. No one is trying for an Oscar in this movie so all you get is a bunch of actors just attempting to remember there lines. The great part is that you get to watch as they try to finish this movie. I couldn’t even figure out what the dwarf’s name was the detective keeps calling him Indigo while Lugosi calls hom Ingo. There is also a great scene where Indigo or Inigo stomps the detective foot which is straight out of the three stooges.


The movie was released in 1947 post WWll hence the reference to the Nazi’s. The women in the movie are typicall women of movies from this era helpless with know direction.

Most Memorable Quote(s)

1. “Pardon me, Professor, but didn’t I just see you outside baying at the moon.
2.The scene where the maid attempts to announce the arrival of Leonide. He tells her. My dear girl, if I allowed myself to be announced, I doubt I would be recieved anywhere.

What You Need to Get Through This Movie

You will need a foley implanted in your bladder if you plan to watch this movie on some late night movie channel and not on dvd. You need the foley for if you get up to go to the restroom you’ll miss some thing and be totally confused. Beyond confused you’ll miss good laugh scenes. Oh, don’t forget your 3D glasses. No, the films not in 3D but you might want them for the blue or green mask collage that keeps appearing. And don’t forget earplugs to drown out the spooky music that comes for no reason.


One of only three films in color Bela Lugosi ever appeared in. In fact, Scared to Death, which was filmed in Cinecolor is the only color film in which Bela Lugosi was the star.

Educational Content

1. Never knew a doctor could listen to your heart and discover you were hypnotised.
2. This film will encourage you to stop drinking or find a new group of friends after you witness poor Wards fate of an unplanned marriage after to much partying.
3. Never let a creepy guy and a dwarf who are dressed alike enter your home you just know troubles coming.
4. Only time I’ve ever witnessed someone look at a BW photo and still figure out colors in the photo.

Justification for Rating

I give Scared to Death a five for it’s a movie that attemps to hold on to what it set out to be. A great cheesy B- movie and that folks is just what it is. There no over acting for the actors in this movie for theres no real script in the first place. But like I said everyone tries and thats what makes a great movie.


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