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Year: 1968 - Runtime: 96 - Director: George A. Romero - Writer(s): George A. Romero, John A. Russo
Country: United States - Language: English - Parental Guide: NR - Color: BW

Night of the Living DeadRating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆


Night of the Living Dead originated the zombie craze, and George Romero is more than responsible. It’s not cheery, it’s not happy, and the ending is painfully immediate. Though there were attempts to remake and re colorize and revisit this film over the ages (basically they molested it), the original disturbing charm of the original is where it is at. The film follows a closely-knit small group of stragglers who fight amongst themselves in a zombie apocalypse. They are isolated, alone, and still manage to bicker about nonsense. As you can see, the film created zombie staples that remain to this day.

Reason to Watch

Well, this first zombie film in the …Of the Dead has dated the absolute worst of them all, so for that, it’s required viewing.


For it’s time, the film was intensely horrifying. Even a few murders scenes were still quite shocking for modern viewing, especially putting it in the context of the era. But really, it’s a black and white horror/zombie flick from George Romero, and the pure insanity and low-budgetry of it is impressive. It holds up terribly over time, but that’s key to a great cult film.

Most Memorable Quote(s)
  • Tom: Well… the television said that’s the right thing to do. 
  • Sheriff McClelland: Good shot! OK, he’s dead; let’s go get ‘im. That’s another one for the fire. 
  • Field Reporter: Are they slow-moving, chief? 
    Sheriff McClelland: Yeah, they’re dead. They’re all messed up. 
What You Need to Get Through This Movie

Your very own zombie coloring book, so you can try to add some color to this lifeless movie.

  • Night of the Living Dead is free domain, meaning it is essentially for public use. The original studio neglected to place a copyright, apparently thinking it wasn’t worth the $15
  • the film is available free for viewing just about everywhere
  • The majority of the film was just sort of improvised, coming up with genius lines like “There is no Sunday school picnic!”
Educational Content

You thought zombies were slow? There even slower. Wait. Slloooower. Their basically crawling, their babies. Never go to the cellar in a zombie apocalypse, and killing children is okay if they are out to eat your limbs.

Justification for Rating

The film deserves to stand right in the middle, as it is iconic in creating many zombie film staples, but it has also aged teribly. Though some people like that style, and that is okay to. basically, Night of the Living Dead was supposed to be serious and anything but satire, and the effects and film making made it just the opposite. And now over 40 years later, it’s got this weird mix of serious/stupid, and we still don’t really know what it’s supposed to be.



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