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Year: 1951 - Runtime: 70 - Director: Curt Siodmak - Writer(s): Curt Siodmak
Country: USA - Language: English - Parental Guide: NR - Color: Black & White

Bride of the GorillaRating: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆


Klaas van Gelder is the wealthy owner of a jungle plantation and married to the beautiful Dina. During a confrontation with his just-fired plantation manager (Barney Chavez, played by Raymond Burr), he discovers Chavez and Dina are having an affair and is thrown by Chavez into the path of a venomous snake. The murder is witnessed by Al-long, an old native woman, who provides a false alibi for Chavez the next day during questioning by police commissioner Taro (Lon Chaney). After witnessing the murder Al-long has, in fact, placed a voodoo spell on Chavez. Now married to Dina, he is cursed to turn into a gorilla each night as Taro begins to investigate the natives’ reports of a terrifying creature stalking the jungle. Worried and alienated by her husband, Dina is comforted by the local doctor, Viet. Increasingly unable to resist the draw of the jungle, Chavez continues to neglect his wife and is eventually suspicious and jealous of her relationship with Viet. He forces her into the jungle, where all parties converge for a final confrontation.

Reason to Watch

This particular film is one-stop shopping for the clich\u00e9s of the genre: beautiful and buxom blond (with a first-rate scream), creepy old woman with an eastern-European accent (in a tropical jungle, no less), urbane sub-supporting actor (also in love with the leading lady), exotic location, and sinister music.


While dark and grainy cinematography often lends cheesiness to this genre’, it actually contributes to the quality of the special effects in this movie. You’ll find yourself unwilling to look away, determined to wait for a good look at the gorilla.

Most Memorable Quote(s)

Dr. Viet: White people shouldn’t live too long in the jungle.
Dina: (screaming in the distance)
Taro: Over here!
Dina: (screaming in the distance)
Taro: Over there!
Dina: (screaming in the distance)
Taro: Over here!
Narrator: Like something that has been haunting the world for millions of years, the jungle has punished Barney Chavez for his crime!

What You Need to Get Through This Movie

If you intend to avoid headaches and temporary blindness, you’ll want to ratchet the brightness button on your TV up a bit.


This film was actually created for the sole purpose of being a second feature to a more mainstream film.

Educational Content

Who would have ever thought that Maria Ouspenskaya wasn’t the only actress in Hollywood that could play, opposite Lon Chaney, an old woman with an Eastern European accent?

Justification for Rating

Bride of the Gorilla is worth watching just to see a Lon Chaney movie in which the hand that turns hairy and beast-like isn’t Chaney’s.

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