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Year: 1965 - Runtime: 87 - Director: Massimo Pupillo - Writer(s): Romano Migliorini, Roberto Natale
Country: Italy, United States - Language: English, Italian - Parental Guide: NR - Color: Color

Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆


Bloody Pit of Horror, is a film that is set in an Italian castle. A photographer as brought a group of models and crew to the castle to do a photo shoot. As you may have guessed the castle is haunted. Haunted, yes, haunted. Hundreds of years ago an executioner was himself put to death in the castle and now his spirit dwells forever in the castle. The present day castle resident believes this spirit is in him, and he will do anything to keep intruders out the castle, even killing. Almost immediately the killing starts and the executioner is loving the moment. Sexy girls with empty spaces between their ears are everywhere in this movie and our dear executioner is attempting to torture each of them as well as the others at the castle. This film is fill with cheesy script and bad props yet it’s entertaining.

Reason to Watch

Nothing beats a film with muscle bound men and beautiful model types getting slaughter. You know automatically that the acting may not be the greatest, but everyone on screen looks good. The torture scenes are pretty cool also and there not many films where you get to see a man oil his body.


The movie is set in an Italian Gothic castle and the locale is what sets the mood for this film. You kind of wish that the director didn’t waste such a super location on this film. The film debuted at a time when Italian gothic films were a staple. However, while other directors were scaring movie goers director Pupillo only gives us a laugh with Bloody Pit of Horror.

Most Memorable Quote(s)

1. “Mankind is made up of inferior creatures, spiritually and physically deformed, who would have corrupted the harmony of my perfect body.” Spoken by the executioner. Oh, please give me a break.
2. “My perfect body… in the poisonous clutches of The Lover Of Death!” Once again the executioner has opened his mouth to sprout poetry.

What You Need to Get Through This Movie

You might need a change of underwear if your going to view Bloody Pit of Horror. The movie is so funny at moments that you find your self caught up in hard laughter. If your off from work the following day invite friends over and plan a sleep over party. Put this movie on and observe your friends get a stomach ache over such cheesy film production. If you have Xanax make sure you take some to dull your senses then maybe you can be scared. Or, view this movie with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and make out, that way you won’t have to see so much of the film.


Mickey Hargitay, the star of Bloody Pit of Horror was the husband of late actress Jayne Mansfield. Mickey Hargitay is also the father of actress Mariska Hargitay.

Educational Content

1. Was the Marquis de Sade’s work really consulted in the making of this film?
2. Never knew that the normal reaction for a human being upon finding his friend murdered is to continue working.
3. A torture room is a common sight in many castle basements.

Justification for Rating

This film is for all lovers of Italian Horror films. No, it’s not the best one out there but it’s fun and amusing. Pupillo’s plot is a good one and he attempts to give us a good scare if not a good laugh.

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3 Responses to “Review of Bloody Pit of Horror”

  1. Greg Says:

    Guest writers have an interesting idea of grammar… At least they’re writing 🙂

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  2. don ween Says:

    This is one of my favorite horror movies, for many reasons. 1. The castle it takes place in/the scenery outside of the castle. 2. You find out towards the end of the film that Travis’ body, or trophy if you will, of The Crimson Executioner’s body well-preserved body is actually a dummy. And when Raul’s (sp?) dead body falls off of the castle after being struck with an arrow, though it might’ve not been the director’s intention, you can clearly see its also a dummy. 3. The 20-so minute long torture scene at the end. This really makes up for a lot of the cheesyness. If you’re paying attention throughout the film you’ll notice that at the beginning Rick mentions that Max wanting to break into the castle is him “playing with fire”. Ironically, (or is it?) That’s how Max is tortured to death while exclaiming “I don’t wanna die like this!!” The swords that The Executioner is jabbing into the model’s chests are obviously fake, but stuff like that really only adds to the entertainment of the film. 4. Mickey Hargitay’s character as The Crimson Executioner is flawless. He’s utterly sadistic, disturbed, and narcissistic. Oh, and the only reason he let them stay in they castle was because he had a “moment of weakness” when he saw his ex-fiancee Edith (the prep-girl for the models costumes) in the group and, at first he had second thoughts about molding himself into the hateful creature he was becoming. Ironically, (again) when he realizes it was a mistake to let them stay, the demise of all but two ended him up in the “clutches” of the lover of death at the hands of Rick (the hero of the movie). Some may find this movie pure comedy, but you really have to look at the artistic value of the film. Cult classics are always more creative than the shit they’re force-feeding you on the big screen today. Enjoy these gems while there are still copies!!

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  3. Greg Says:

    Don, I think you have put almost too much thought into this 🙂 You should write for us!

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