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This 1959 Roger Corman film is a great example of B-Movies gone good. Walter Paisley is an inept artist working as a busboy at The Yellow Door, the heppest beatnik club around. When he accidentally kills his landlord’s cat, inspiration strikes and his fame is assured.

Reason to Watch

A Bucket of Blood may have some of the most respectful, yet hilarious, depictions of fifties beatniks in movie. King Beatnik’s poetry is, actually, quite brilliant, though only written by a lowly screenwriter for the film. Also, look for Beatniks in tuxedos and sandals, Far out, man.


Them crazy beatniks are cool, man, cool. In the late fifties, you either loved them or hated them. This movie could definitely help one decide.

Most memorable quote(s)

Where are John, Joe, Jake, Jim, jerk? Dead, dead, dead! They were not born, before they were born, they were not born. Where are Leonardo, Rembrandt, Ludwig? Alive! Alive! Alive! They were born!”

What you need to get through this movie

Like, wheat germ and gin, man.

  • Dick Miller, who played a character named Walter Paisley a total of six times, was Monster Joe in Pulp Fictions, but his part was cut out before the film premiered.
Educational Content
  1. Open-toed sandals are, like, really cool with a tuxedo, man.
  2. When you die and are encased in clay, you are much lighter than you were while living.
Justification for Rating

One for the bucket, three for the blood.


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2 Responses to “Review of A Bucket of Blood”

  1. Greg Says:

    This movie is simply good… without needing to be bad to do it. I give Hollywood two years, tops, before we see a remake, starring Johnny Depp as Walter and Natalie Portman as Carla.

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  2. Steve Says:

    so where there any buckets of blood in this?

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