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Fan Review of The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

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Year: 1962 - Runtime: 82 - Director: Joseph Green - Writer(s): Joseph Green, Rex Carlton
Country: USA - Language: English - Parental Guide: PG-13 - Color: Black & White

Rating: ★★½☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


The was the weirdest film captivating everything from emotion downloads and overloads, love, hate, murder, early Scifi, and everything in between.  If you like old weird stuff that is actually pretty good to watch, than you’ll like this movie.  It’s one that you’ll put on and start cleaning your house, go walk your dog, or fall asleep.  It has the potential, very little potential, to keep you awake with its boring story line and awful antics.  It does have areas that make you laugh due to how corny things were done so long ago, but who knows – this was probably a really scary movie during our parents (maybe even our grandparents) day.

Reason to Watch

The only reason to watch this movie is because you can’t turn your TV off and you are bound to a chair.  It is a complete waste of time and horrible for the mind, soul, and body.  Don’t risk it people!


This movie was made before I was born. It really shows what type of movies was being produced in 1962.  Thank God that we have better technology now because I don’t know how people during that era stood it.

Most memorable quote(s)

The best line from the film is when Bill said:”Heu2019s already dead! I canu2019t do any harm!”.  Now that’s charming.

What you need to get through this movie

The only way I made it through this movie was because I was tired and wouldn’t get up to change the channel.  You got to be drunk, high, tied to a chair, or plain lazy (like me) not to be able to change the channel.


I can’t think of anything to compare this movie to beside the junk in my trunk!  Guess you can’t guess what’s in there?

Educational Content

The only educational aspect of this film is what doctors should not do and what thy should say.  This also applies to women.  Men beware – you never know what a woman will do even if you save her life.  Even better, “Even a dead woman can’t keep her mouth shut!”  You heard it.

Justification for Rating

I gave this a 2.5 rating.  .5 for being stupid, .5 for funny horror, .5 for making me hungry, and 1 point for putting me to sleep.  Nothing like a stupid movie to make you sleep through the night.

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