Review of Breakout from Oppression

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Year: 1978 - Runtime: 87 - Director: Karen Yang - Writer(s): Godfrey Ho
Country: Hong Kong - Language: Mandarin - Parental Guide: R - Color: Color

Breakout from OppressionRating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆


Fonda Chu is a young woman who was just released from prison and is looking to make a fresh start. Things begin to look promising when a letter arrives offering her work at a newspaper in small town. Inquiring minds want to know who she is and where she came from. But it seems that no matter how hard she tries someone will not let her forget her past. Strange and awful things begin to happen to those around her and all fingers point straight to her. Fonda must figure out who is responsible and answer questions to her past before it is too late.

Reason to Watch

It is hard to discern if the acting is terrible or not because the movie was originally in Chinese and dubbed in English. There are quite a few plot holes and questions are left unanswered, but the level of cruelty carried out by the antagonist in order to physically and mentally torture Fonda are good reason to watch.


The movie takes place on an island, mostly likely in China. It is some time in the seventies where everyone has hair with lots of volume and bell bottoms are definitely in.

Most Memorable Quote(s)

“Fonda, that giant fish we caught yesterday, did you eat it? If not, I can help you eat it.”
“Sorry Simon, but time is important when getting the news. A woman would just get in the way!”

What You Need to Get Through This Movie

I would prepare shots of hard liquor every time Fonda’s boss, Simon, tries to become more than friends. If that is not strong enough, you could take a bong hit every time a mysterious figure/entity does something evil to Fonda.


The sashimi knife and the cleaver were actually very popular weapons to attack and kills people with. Gangsters would use the sashimi knife because it was long and easy enough to conceal and offered deep penetration of the target. The chinese cleaver was designed to be more of an all purpose knife in the kitchen that seems to work well on people too.

Educational Content

1. If someone cuts the brakes on your bicycle and you just noticed this on my way down a hill, try to do more than just scream and run straight into a rock face.
2. If you ever have the opportunity to obtain the upper hand in a fight against someone with a gun, for god’s sake do not stop clubbing the person to death just so you can run around the corner and end up in the exact same situation. Finish the job! In fact, overkill is acceptable.

Justification for Rating

The movie’s dialogue and sequencing seemed a little too fast paced. I think it may have had something to do with the dubbing in English. Some things do get lost in translation. That aside, the story was not too bad. There were a few plot holes, the music had a lazy electronic feel to it, but you do find yourself wanting to put the pieces of the story together as you progress through the story line. I think the end of the movie would have been better if it was not so cliche. I give it 5/10 stars.

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