Review of Bad Girls Go to Hell

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Year: 1965 - Runtime: 65 min. - Director: Doris Wishman - Writer(s): Doris Wishman
Country: USA - Language: English - Parental Guide: NR - Color: Black & White

Rating: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


Meg Kelten is a seemingly typical 1960’s housewife, cleaning house in sheer lingerie and poofy pumps and such, until her husband decides to go to work on a (gasp) Saturday! After cleaning their obviously modern pad, she enters the real world, only to get raped, raped, beaten, raped, raped, beaten, raped, and then beaten. Along the way she strips to her undies and does some acrobatics and such, but that’s only to fill in the gaps between scenes of rape and violence. Look out for a twist ending that’s sure to keep you thinking for minutes!

Reason to Watch

Other than the obvious reason of seeing a woman get repeatedly raped and beaten, Bad Girls Go to Hell has some of the worst dubbing ever put to film.


For 1965, this has got to be one of the raunchiest movies going. It’s an interesting look into post-1950’s feminine subservience, yet at the same time giving one a glimpse at the women’s-lib movement that was just around the corner.

Most memorable quote(s)

“You are the kindest man I’ve ever met.”

What you need to get through this movie

With it’s repetitive theme of rape and brutality, this is definitely a film to drink yourself into. Because of a nonsensical scene with a former alcoholic, Cutty Sark would be the liquor of choice. For fun, have a shot every time someone walks directly into the camera for a scene change.


Doris Wishman was the only woman to churn out sexploitation flicks in the 1960’s. Though she enjoyed many aspects of film production and was also the director, she abhorred actually making the films.

Educational Content
  1. Never, ever leave your apartment if you are an attractive female.
  2. One can go from sober to violently drunk to asleep in less than two minutes with Cutty Sark.
  3. All men are rapists. Except the ones that beat you.
  4. Women never wear clothes at home – unless it is completely see-thru.
  5. You can beat a woman and beat a woman, but she’ll never learn and never bruise.
Justification for Rating

Bad Girls Go to Hell gets two stars – one star for the beating, one star for the raping.


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6 Responses to “Review of Bad Girls Go to Hell”

  1. Phil Says:

    The site looks great! How about finding The Town that Dreaded Sundown for me!!

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  2. Greg Says:

    You’ve obviously never shotgunned a bottle of Cutty Sark. Trust me when I say that you can go from being sober, to maniac killing spree, to dead in just under two minutes – I saw a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan do it once.

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  3. Casey Says:

    How does one shotgun a bottle? Or do they sell it in cans these days? Or do you carry around a glass cutter (which I wouldn’t doubt)?

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  4. kempy Says:

    Too bad this movie is almost unbearable to watch.

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  5. Casey Says:

    Yeah… “Almost”!

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  6. Steve Says:

    Ah the 60’s the last time you could just “smack a bitch”

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