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Indestructible ManRating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


I guess the pitch went something like “It’s Dragnet meets Frankenstien starring Lon Chaney” To which the studio said,”Senior” to which the director said, “Technically no, but he will be dropping ‘Jr.’ for his credit.” It is the story of Charles ‘Butcher’ Benton (Lon Chaney) who having been stitched up by his partners in crime and now faces the death penalty for his part in a payroll truck robbery. However where there is a corpse there is a scientist looking to experiment. In this case Prof. Bradshaw wants to cure cancer and his method is to pump 300,000 volts of electricity into the corpse (not really sure on how this is suppose to cure cancer, but then I’m not a doctor). This brings the Butcher back to life, but stronger than ever and seemingly invulnerable, also his vocal cords got fried so he can’t speak, but his brain still functions and can think of nothing but revenge. The cops are soon on his trial but finding out he is impervious to bullets they have to bring out the big guns, bazookas and flame throwers. This all tasty film noir, LA streets, LA sewers, stock shots of police cars, an unstoppable monster with crazy eyes and a carnie thrown in for good measure. What’s not to like?

Reason to Watch

Unlike most B-Movies this actually has a plot you can follow, partly because everyone talks in exposition and partly because the plot is basically revenge. There nothing for the dames to scared about as only bad guys get it, by either being thrown or stepped on.


It is the mid-fifties, Dragnet is in its prime on TV and Lon Chaney has started to get on a bit, his alcohol problem is not yet public knowledge, but he was facing hard times, thus dropping the “Jr” from his name to trade on the success of his father.

Most Memorable Quote(s)

Dick: I just got you fired.
Eva: Why?
Dick: I figured being my wife would take up most of your time.

What You Need to Get Through This Movie

This is a film you have watch like hard nosed detective, so that would a bottle of whiskey, and Dames who love it when you speak condescendingly to them.


Lon Chaney Jr. (no relation to real life Bond villain Dick Cheney) spend much of his life chasing the fame of his father, silent god of the silver screen Lon Chaney Sr. In this film he attempts to out silence his father by speaking as little as possible and making it all about the eyes. Despite the tagline “300,000 volts of Horror!” they actually only get up to 278,000.

Educational Content

1. Scientists have caused more death and destru…1. Scientists have caused more death and destruction trying to cure cancer than cancer could ever done alone.
2. Lon Chaney was possibly paid by the word since after the opening scene he never speaks again.
3. Film maker Tip: If the plot makes no sense just turn your horror into a detective story and have the whole film narrated.
4. Mob guys squeal like little girls when they get picked up by Granddads.
5. You can find better looking dames trying hustle you into a fixing their flat tire than you can in burlesque show.

Justification for Rating

Over explained and predictable, this film is easy to watch because it just over an hour long. Fun can be had by dubbing in lines for the silent Lon Chaney.

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