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Dr. Houseman takes his family back to upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains for yet another, exclusive vacation surrounded by people who are paid to kiss their ass. “Baby”, daddy’s little girl, happens upon a little shing-ding the staff is throwing and trys to get accepted into the tribe. Johnny, the head dance instructor, wants nothing to do with the little brat and tries to send her away. Well, spoiled girls aren’t use to being told no, so she keeps coming back. His dancing partner gets knocked up by the bus boy and they find themselves in a pickle. His partner convinces him to give baby a chance and helps teach her a routine they need to perform. Johnny falls for Baby until Baby’s dad finds out about the side action and forbids her to see him again assuming he is the one who knocked up his dancing partner. At the last dinner of the trip, Johnny comes and takes Baby out of the corner daddy made her sit in, daddy finds out it WASN’T him who knocked up his partner, they dance and all is right in the world again.

Reason to Watch

Highly recommended for High School teachers trying to convince their student the feelings they have towards each other are natural and age should not matter.


Made during a time when EVERYBODY was screwing underage girls, so it was okay.

Most Memorable Quote(s)
  • Nobody puts baby in a corner
  • Go back to your playpen baby
  • Johnny is always in dark clothing while Baby is always wearing light colors.
  • They spray painted the trees green because it wasn’t really summer.
Educational Content

The importance of using a CLEAN hanger when performing an abortion in the back room.

Justification for Rating

There are no negative numbers, so I had to go with 0.


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