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Thanks to everyone who came out to The Tampa Pitcher Show on Saturday. It was a great success and we’ve been invited back next month to do another one! Once we’ve gone through all the suggestions for the next movie to show, we’ll have up a poll for you to decide which movie you would like to see! For those of you who were not able to make it, here’s a taste of what you missed!


Cult Flicks Night at Tampa Pitcher Show

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Cult Flicks and The Tampa Pitcher Show have teamed up to show the Cult Classic, “Toxic Avenger 2.”  Come show your support for Super Heroes from New Jersey, gratuitous violence, and wind surfing to Japan!

When, Where, How Much?

Saturday, April 10 from 11:30 pm to 2:00 am
The Tampa Pitcher Show
Ticket are $5 each

What Movie?

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Mechanical Turk Reviews

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Mechanical TurksA few months ago we began experimenting with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program. Basically, what the service does is allow users to upload a set of tasks and then pay users small fees to complete the tasks. The service was designed to help folk with repetitive tasks that are pretty simple for humans, but extremely difficult for computers. Most of the tasks  are things like “Describe this picture above” or “Is the item above suitable for users under the age of 18?” Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) are paid by the answer, normally tiny little amounts like $0.01 per HIT or something like that. I don’t know why people sign up and do this, but they do… I guess it’s slightly more productive than playing with your facebook farm during lunch. ANYWAY, we decided to try it out on content generation. The idea was that we would create HITs that were vastly more complex than the normal ones. We asked the Tukers to actually watch our movies that we store here on the site for reviews, then using our review format, write a well thought-out review. The kicker? We offered $1 per review! Now, strangely enough some of them actually came out pretty well, but that wasn’t the best part. What was even better than the good, were the bad. Some of them were SO bad that we’ve decided to share them with you here on the site. Over the next few weeks we’ll be recording one of our interns, Mr. Adam Ballzee, try and read you some of the best of the worst, then edit and upload them for your enjoyment.

– Greg

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