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Year: 1979 - Runtime: 93 - Director: Walter Hill - Writer(s): David Shaber, Walter Hill
Country: USA - Language: English - Parental Guide: R - Color: Color

The Warriors CoverRating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆


Gang warfare. it’s not always very pleasant (never is) but it does make for some great film-making. The television show The Wire handled it superbly and proved that being in a gang totally sucks. The thing is, and the Warriors preaches this well- gangs offer you protection, a protection that is only necessary if you are in a gang. The Warriors follows a few key gangs in New York City in the late 70’s. It’s also a no-holds-barred event of club beating, arrests, and getting the absolutel shit beat out of you. The ending? They all lose.

Reason to Watch

Urban kids beat the hell out of each other for no discernible reason. It’s a classic!


The Warriors is awfully dated, but it captures a ruthlessness very few films have captured since in the gang livelihood. it’s also unintentionally hysterical, which gives the film legs.

Most Memorable Quote(s)
  • Ajax: [to Swan] Since when are you a fuckin’ diplomat? 
  • Ajax: Maybe you’re all just goin’ faggot. 
What You Need to Get Through This Movie

A bat, to act out your favorite scenes as they play out

  • The name Ajax came after the Greek Warrior.
  • Filming during the scene with the Orphans was interrupted by a police chase.
  • Filming was allowed to take place uninterrupted all night, a first.
Educational Content

All female gangs are the toughest, don’t pretend they aren’t

Justification for Rating

The Warriors has some classic bad vs. bad vs. morally gray stories played out in an arena called New York City. It’s fresh, new- a 6 rating.


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