At CultFlicks, we love bad movies. “How can that be?”, you may ask. Well, a bad movie is not necessarily bad to watch. Ok, it might be easier to look at it from the other side: What is a “good” movie? Good movies win Academy Awards (except for Titanic). Good movies make you feel, take you places you’ve never dreamed of, and are carefully acted, directed, and shot. Good movies, however, are not necessarily entertaining. Have you ever seen the entire director’s cut of Dances With Wolves? Yeah, well, we tried.

Cult movies come in all shapes and sizes. A cult film can be something that has acquired a devoted but relatively small group of fans. These can be either good or bad movies. A good example would be Mulholland Dr. vs. The Evil Dead. Nobody is going to argue that Mulholland Dr. was poorly shot or acted, and has achieved its cult status by being weird and open to interpretation. The Evil Dead on the other hand, no matter how much you may love it, is a bad movie.

Bad movies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are so-bad-they’re-good cult films (like Manos: The Hands of Fate, which is so bad it might just be bad) and camp classics (like The Toxic Avenger) which are made to be bad as a joke. At CultFlicks, we love them all. Unfortunately, many folks out there don’t appreciate these films as much as we think they deserve. Another problem is that many of them, especially the old ones, are sometimes near impossible to find. These films often only live on in bad VHS copies in the basements of serial killers and frotteurs. As result, CultFlicks, was launched with a three part mission, and they all start with “A” for nice marketing purposes:

  1. Awareness to create appreciation of some of these lost or hidden treasures.
  2. Access – to give people a place where they can actually get a hold of them.
  3. Archiving – to preserve, protect and possibly improve the dying films out there.

So we invite you to look around, enjoy the shear brilliance of badness, and pass along the message of hope – hope in a brighter tomorrow filled with men in corsets, singing aliens, vampires with bad accents, tin can spaceships, and lots and lots of fake blood! has recently gotten praise from the editors over at a poker guide. Their team is currently working on a campaign to promote their favorite websites. We’ve been selected because of our extensive database of ‘bad’ movie reviews. It’s always nice to get positive feedback, thanks.

The CultFlicks Team